We can work with you to establish Health Care Spending Accounts that best meet the needs of your company.

  • Do you want to offer HCSAs as part of a Group Benefits Plan or as a stand alone plan?
  • Do you want to offer HCSAs to all employees or to select staff only?
  • Do you want to contribute funds to a plan member’s HCSA monthly, on a pay-as-you-go basis (the amount deposited will be equal to the total of the claim and expenses each month), or annually?

Health Care Spending Accounts are an excellent choice for employers and employees. Employers will enjoy the cost control that HCSAs offer. A set amount of money is allocated to each employee per year with no annual increases unless the employer decides to increase the amount at their own discretion. Employees enjoy the freedom to choose where to spend the money in their HCSAs. We can implement and administer your Health Care Spending Account (HCSAs). Simplify the Administration of your Group Plans and avail yourself of our expertise.