Enrolment is one aspect of the benefit administration services that we offer, ensuring the accurate collection of employee data (electronic transfer or re-enrolment of employees) and the electronic transfer of data to your insurance carrier and/or your HR payroll system. We provide enrolment forms in English and French so that we have the necessary written confirmation that your employee wishes to obtain coverage under the policyholder.

Our enrolment services are comprehensive. We will evaluate the eligibility of a new employee or an existing employee who may have previously refused to participate by:

  • Confirming that he/she is a permanent employee of your company
  • Confirming that the employee has completed the eligibility period required under the policy
  • Confirming the eligibility of dependents for Family Benefits
  • Establishing the effective date of the employee’s insurance
  • Establishing whether evidence of the employee’s good health and/or the employee’s dependents good health is required for participation

In the event that you have an employee who refuses to participate in the group plan, we provide Group Benefit Plan Waiver Forms in both English and French, to assist in protecting you (the employer) from both current and future claims, by this employee, for benefits under the program.

Should you decide to change insurers, Adminplex Resource Services Inc. will make the transition smooth and seamless, eliminating the need for you to deal with re-enrolments.